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Name:The Library: a roleplay game
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Welcome to The Library.

We are so glad that you are here.

We understand that you may be confused of how you came here, but know that you cannot leave. We request that you do not attempt to leave.

Please remember to follow The Library's Rules.

If you do not follow The Library's Rules, we fear you will have to be punished.

Enjoy your stay at The Library.


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The Library is a panfandom, scifi/steampunk, survival dressing room that sets your character in the middle of a gigantic steampunk library which simply called "The Library". Apparently abandoned for years, only certain floors and sections are working properly, giving the game a post-apocalyptic feel. Your character will be given a room to stay in, but food and clothes need to savaged from the wreckage of the rest of The Library.

In such a state of disrepair, The Library desires your character's help to fix itself, via using the gates to walk within the worlds held within a book and righting the Errors found there. This can mean anything from fighting monsters that escaped one book and got into another, to helping the princess of that book find that frog she's supposed to kiss.

While some of the sections and floors are safe, others hold these same monsters that have escaped from their book's pages. It might be best to keep on guard, or stay within the known safe area.

Because you see, nothing in The Library that lives is real. Not even your character.

How is this all possible you ask? The Library has its ways to do what it needs to in order to survive.


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